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What causes low water pressure?

The greatest cause of low water pressure is usually due to either pump or bladder failures. Many issues arise from piled up debris and soil particles. These foreign objects deposited in the water system end up clogging and restricting the flow of water.

When the flow is affected, homeowners will experience lower water pressure through their water faucets, appliances and shower heads. The damage clogged water systems cause is extremely expensive. We can show you how to take steps to prevent this.

We recommend flushing these tanks periodically to avoid excessive clogging. This is because the built up minerals in the well are going to build up in the pressure tank. Doing this service regularly will go a long way to improve on the water quality of the well and save on repair costs.

When these tanks are not checked regularly, the debris will accumulate over time and lead to clogging in the pipes, sink and shower aerators. Also, fouling the heating systems and destroying expensive appliances. By flushing out and putting air in the bladder, you will also be extending the life of your air pump. It’s a win, win situation.

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