We know bad water happens and water quality
coming to your home changes seasonally.

Your solution to getting absolutely pure drinking water at home

Having served residents for 34 years, Water Expressions remains the leading provider of pure water drinking solutions in the regions of Hampton, Rye, Exeter, Portsmouth, and the surrounding Seacoast areas.
We take pride in our complete drinking water distillers that deliver the safest and cleanest water, available anywhere. Our truly pure water systems produce safe water for life and are designed to last a lifetime. Our custom designed water distillation systems are proven to remove more pollutants and toxins out of your water than any other system on the market.

Trust our system to deliver clean water, free of any dangerous toxins or contaminants.

A local leader in providing water drinking solutions

Giving you confidence in your water supply

Providing a solution that's designed to last a lifetime

Enjoy contaminant free tap water

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